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Alwyn listening back to string section :)

  • Having religious experiences at work with Simeon Kirkegaard.
  • Strings and choir arranged by Fiachra Trench.
  • gavglassMore is more. More or less.

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Nice Tiger's "Quit You"

Nice Tiger came in to Westland to record with Alwyn.

They've just put up this really cool video that showcases their great songwriting and musicianship with their song Quit You.

Also, apparently, according to my French female intern their singer is "very good looking" - I have to trust her judgement on that! You've just got a new fan Nice Tiger :)

Enjoy the video, watch to the end and if, like me, you're a fan then go to their Facebook page and follow them.


Video by Sut Robin.

Written & performed by Nice Tiger (

Track produced and Mixed by Alwyn Walker - contact him HERE 

Mastered by Darrell Walker at MSB Mastering 

Recorded in Westland Studios 

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The Manhattan Syndrome - American Heart video

​We're happy to have found this video from Irish band The Manhattan Syndrome that Alwyn produced :)

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Alwyn producing Amelia Adler's project with string quartet

​Alwyn at the helm producing Amelia Adler's project and directing the string quartet.

Once the drums, percussion, piano, bass, guitars & vocals have been tracked and edited the focus turns towards the string section. After having composed the string parts Alwyn is having fun hearing the real string section bring the songs to life (in Westland Studios Dublin).

Our very talented (also polite & cool) assistant Bebhinn McDonnell made this great short video about the process :)

We hope you enjoy!

Kyle, ADK Music Group.

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Playing guitar for client's project

Adding multiple layers to great tracks - it's great to build it up!! :)

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The Leslie Cab can be used on guitars too :)

We're happy to display us using the Leslie Cab for cool guitar sounds in Westland Studios :)

It's another creative cool sounding tool for when Alwyn is producing.

Find out more about the Leslie Cab below:

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Neil Dorrington playing bass on Simeon's Kirkegaard's project

​Working more on Simeon's album - this time recording bass with session player Neil Dorrington.

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Simeon Kirkegaard tracking guitars with Alwyn Walker

Norwegian Pop/Rock artists works on his album

It's great to be working with Simeon again tracking guitars, setting them up and getting the right sounds.

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We're happy to be able to use a cool piano

We're happy to show off the piano we have access to in Westland :)

It has a different sound than the Baldwin so now we have more sonic options - nice one!!




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