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Nice Tiger's "Quit You"

Nice Tiger came in to Westland to record with Alwyn.

They've just put up this really cool video that showcases their great songwriting and musicianship with their song Quit You.

Also, apparently, according to my French female intern their singer is "very good looking" - I have to trust her judgement on that! You've just got a new fan Nice Tiger :)

Enjoy the video, watch to the end and if, like me, you're a fan then go to their Facebook page and follow them.


Video by Sut Robin.

Written & performed by Nice Tiger (

Track produced and Mixed by Alwyn Walker - contact him HERE 

Mastered by Darrell Walker at MSB Mastering 

Recorded in Westland Studios 

The Manhattan Syndrome - American Heart video
Alwyn listening back to string section :)
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