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New purchase! Roland RE-201 space echo

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Time to sell some cymbals!

We have too many cymbals, and we only need to keep the best ones for recording so the others will be up on shortly!

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New amp!

> It looks like nothing but the tone is superb. Think big sound condensed into a really creamy midrangey boxy but pleasant tone! Retro :-) literally, it's from the 50's. thanks to scan from

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Fwd: Chosen review

yet more reviews of an album I produced for chosen :-)


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This is how we do bass

Band: two tales of woe
Tuning: A and drop G
Bass: F Jazz with SD quarter pound


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Alwyn's mix of "I'd Fight Gandhi - InstruMental"

This was done last year...

Not produced by me, the lads just asked me to mix it :-)

Check it out peoples!!


InstruMental feat: Lord Nelson.
Music by I'd Fight Gandhi:

Directed by Ian Hunt Duffy
Shot by Evan Barry
Edited by Kevin Herlihy
Produced by Fail Safe Films

Paul Butler Lennox
David Sheehan
Tristan Heanue
Patrick Murphy
Hubert Sawicki
Stephen Mooney
Cillian Maguire

Mixed by Alwyn Walker ( - Westland Studios, Dublin
Mastered By Darrell Walker @

Drums recorded by Ian Harrold with Jason Varley


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Chosen Album Finally Complete!

Many of you know that 2 years ago I started a project with a band called Chosen.

Back then we recorded the drums (in a big hall in northern ireland) and guitars (in komodo studios, also in NI), and due to many unforseen difficulties for the band, we ended up finishing everything else in 2012 in Westland Studios.

This is for all fans of metal, especially musicians, as the playing is on parr with the best in Ireland and internationally. (very little "protoolsing" was done at all, these guys are accurate.)




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Whopper 2012

Dear (studio) diary

Ok so 2012 has been exhausting, with me having taken on so many of my own productions (as opposed to simply hiring out westland studios to other producers)

Having said that, it's been a lot of fun this year and I'm honoured to have worked with such talented bands and artists as Ian O'Doherty, Leaders of Men, Chosen, Stillpoint, Two Tales of Woe, Dichotomy, Sinside, Able Archer and many more. All fantastic musicians and people!

Also, through purchases, part payments, repairs, upgrades and exchanges I've managed to secure for myself, my studio and my clients a S**TLOAD of amps, cabs, speakers, guitars, fx, cymbals, plugins and outboard.

It's been hard work but i'd say it's been well worth it.

Also, 2012 has brought me the arrival in dublin of Darrell who runs MSB Mastering from the westland studios building!

Plan for 2013?
Breathe. Work hard. Research & Network. Work hard. Maybe a trip to uk, Work hard, update the plan.

Happy 2013 everyone!

Ps. Massive thanks to Kyle Walker from for all his help with drumming, t-shirts and my websites!

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Been a busy boy!

I'm finally going on a holiday!
First holiday in uhhhhh 4 years?
Chicago! To visit a very good friend :-)
And the best thing is I'm straight into producing an album for the manhattan syndrome as soon as i get back.
If you haven't heard of them yet, you will :-)

Happy new year folks
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